Sentence Examples

  • A computer with a 1 Terabyte (TB) hard drive is overkill for most, but neither should you settle for an 80 Gigabyte (GB) drive.
  • Features include one gigabyte of RAM and a 16GB hard drive, as well as a 16GB SD Card and a 20GB EEE storage drive.
  • Computer memory chips are actually small circuit boards that contain a group of memory chips available in 32-bit or 64-bit bus widths called a SIMM or Single In-Line Memory Module containing megabyte (MB) or gigabyte (GB) chips.
  • In the years before MP3 technology, audio files on computers were extremely large, sometimes as big as a gigabyte or more per song.
  • One gigabyte of memory is acceptable; 2GB would be ideal but it can add a lot to your purchasing price.