Sentence Examples

  • The common gamer term "gib" (derived from giblet, the dense gizzard organ you find in some table fowl) was born in these games - an enthusiastic word for the bloody chunks that go flying when you shoot an opponent.
  • ADAM GIB (1714-1788), Scottish divine and leader of the Antiburgher section of the Scottish Secession Church, was born on the 14th of April 1714 in the parish of Muckhart, Perthshire, and, on the completion of his literary and theological studies at Edinburgh and Perth, was licensed as a preacher in 1740.
  • When in 1747 "the Associate Synod," by a narrow majority, decided not to give full immediate effect to a judgment which had been passed in the previous year against the lawfulness of the "Burgess Oath," Gib led the protesting minority, who separated from their brethren and formed the Antiburgher Synod (April loth) in his own house in Edinburgh.
  • His dogmatic and fearless attitude in controversy earned for him the nickname "Pope Gib."