Words That Start With G For Kids

Updated April 27, 2022
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Introduce a wealth of spelling concepts to your little learners with words that start with G for kids. Ideas like compound words, long vowel sounds and consonant blends can all be explored with a healthy word list. Find a robust list of G words for kids, including letter G activities to develop their writing skills and keep them active throughout the day.

G Words for Kids: Preschool List

When it comes to preschoolers, you aren’t worried about spelling. Instead, you are working to get them to recognize the letter G. So you can include Dolch sight words along with words with clear images or that preschoolers can recognize.















Writing G Activity Worksheet for Kids

Keep your preschoolers entertained with a fun activity tracing and writing big and little Gs.

tracing the letter g worksheet

Kindergarten tracing letter g

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Words That Start With G for Kindergarten

Kindergarten is where it all begins. Students can experience a massive feeling of achievement with their growing ability to spell simple, three-letter words (CVC words). Explore a list of simple G words for kindergarteners.

  • gab - to talk much
  • gag - to choke or wretch
  • gap - a hole, opening, or space between two objects
  • gas - air that fills a space
  • gay - happy or joyous person
  • get - to receive something
  • god - a being that is the perfect, omnipotent ruler or creator of the universe
  • goo - a sticky substance
  • got - receive something; past tense of get
  • gum - chewy food; chewing gum
  • gut - the intestines or the belly
  • guy - an informal term for a man or boy

Match the G Word Printable Activity

Keep your little learners' interest in everything G going by introducing this G-word activity. They simply match the word to the picture.

g words for kids matching activity printable

G words for kids matching activity

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Words That Start With G: Early Elementary

First grade is a wonderful opportunity to advance from those three-letter words to tougher words like glass and guard. Some of these words can't be sounded out. Ready to dip into a few compound words, like goldfish? You can also start the conversation on long vowel sounds with words like greedy.

  • gang - a group of people who spend a lot of time together
  • garden - a space where plants, fruits, or vegetables are grown
  • gasp - a deep inhale as if in shock
  • gather - to bring or come together in one place
  • gaze - a steady and intense look
  • getting - the act of obtaining or acquiring
  • gigantic - extremely large
  • glass - a hard substance made of silicates
  • glide - to move easily or flow smoothly
  • glob - a rounded mass or lump
  • globe - something round in the shape of a ball, especially the Earth
  • glow - a steady light
  • glue - a substance used to stick things together
  • goldfish - a small yellow or orange freshwater fish
  • gopher - a member of the rodent family with wide cheek pouches
  • gorilla - the largest and most powerful of the great apes
  • gradual - something that changes or progresses slowly
  • grasp - a firm hold on something
  • gravity - the force that causes everything to fall back down to Earth
  • greedy - someone who wants more of something than he's entitled to
  • group - a collection of people or things
  • grow - to become larger
  • guard - a person or device that protects
  • guitar - a musical instrument with six strings that are plucked or strummed
  • gust - a powerful and unexpected rush of wind

Fun Flipbook With G Activity

Now's a great time to introduce vocabulary flipbooks. Students have so much fun creating them. With a set of flashcards, ask students to copy their vocabulary words on the front of the cards and the definitions on the back. They might even draw a picture of the word. Then, you can hole punch the top corner for them and add a metal ring, so they can continue adding to the flipbook.

Printable G Vocabulary Word Definition Worksheet

Below, you'll find a worksheet that allows students to choose the word that most aligns with the above vocabulary words.

vocabulary word definitions for letter g worksheet

Vocabulary word definitions

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G-Word List: Late Elementary

Keep the compounds coming, young grasshopper! Now's the time to dive into hard and soft consonant sounds, with words like gigantic. Once we start mixing vowels like the "ou" pairing in glamorous, things really start to get interesting. There are even some words in here that top spellers struggle with from time to time. Is garrulous one "R" or two "Ls"? How about grievous? Where does that fall in the "I" before "E" way of things? Here's a nice, challenging list for all your late elementary spelling sensations.

  • grasshopper - a leaping, plant-eating insect with powerful legs for jumping
  • great - above the ordinary quality or size
  • generosity - the quality of being willing to share
  • glamorous - fascinating, interesting, or adventurous
  • glance - a quick look
  • glorious - a person or thing that is magnificent
  • graduate - someone who completed a school program
  • grammar - the study of the way words are used to make sentences
  • granule - a small grain
  • grouchy - to be in a bad-tempered or sulky mood
  • gruff - someone who is abrupt and short-tempered
  • guzzle - to drink greedily
  • galloping - moving at a fast speed
  • garrulous - talking too much about unimportant things
  • geriatric - of or pertaining to the elderly
  • germane - something relevant to the topic
  • gerrymander - to divide a voting area to give a political party an advantage
  • gingivitis - an inflammation of the gums
  • gorge - to consume or take too much of something
  • grapple - to struggle with someone or something
  • gramophone - a record player, like a phonograph
  • grievous - something very serious, grave, or severe
  • guardian - someone who watches over or protects
  • gubernatorial - of or relating to a governor
  • gumption - determination and courage

Stack the Cups Activity

Stack the cups is one of the favorite vocabulary games. It allows students to get active while they practice their challenging new words. All you have to do is secure a set of clear plastic cups and write a vocabulary word on each cup. Then, split the class into two groups.

  1. Students will line up in their groups.
  2. The first student in one group will pull a cup, read the word and define it.
  3. The first student in the other group will check the definition.
  4. If the first student is correct, they take their cup and begin to build a tower.
  5. Each team rotates until either time runs out or the cups run out.
  6. The group with the highest tower wins!

Glorious, Galloping G Words

Let these G words gallop across your page as you boost your students' vocabulary today. If you're ready to create your own vocabulary list, feel free to draw from the above words. You can augment your list with these words that start with the letter G from Wordfinder, which allows you to choose words based on length as well. You'll never need to Google those G words again!

Walking through the alphabet with your students is a wonderful daily challenge. You can designate any month as a vocabulary month, with 26 letters to explore. Each day begins a new letter exploration. They'll be happy for these words that start with H!