Sentence Examples

  • It lies in a pleasant undulating country at an elevation of goo ft.
  • A great rectangular enclosure of crude bricks, measuring about goo X 850 ft., contains the sacred buildings: it was entered by two stone gateways, in the north and the east sides, built by Domitian.
  • The founders of Megara Hyblaea settled here temporarily, according to Thucydides, in the winter of 729-728 B.C., but it seems to have remained almost if not entirely uninhabited until the Athenians used it as a naval station in their attack on Syracuse early in 414 B.C. A number of tombs were excavated in 1894, containing objects belonging to a transitional stage between the second and third Sicel period, attributable roughly to r000-goo B.C., and with a certain proportion of Mycenean importations.
  • Among the towns around Cripple Creek in the same mining district is Victor, pop. (I goo) 4986, incorporated in 1894, chartered as a city in 1898.
  • Pop. (r goo) 18,373.