Sentence Examples

  • If you are looking to purge your living space of dirt, grime and multiple seasons' worth of gunk, then these simple tips on spring cleaning the home will help get the job done.
  • Keep your gym shoes dedicated to indoor use only, however; dried-in mud and gunk is not only unsightly, it'll earn you the evil eye from the staff to boot.
  • Aside from itching, scratching and howling, one of the tell-tale signs of a cat ear mite infection is a horde of dark-colored gunk within your cat's ears.
  • Oil-Free Cream Cleanser: Invigorating and cooling, this cleanser is ideal for oily types who want to attack the gunk in their pores.
  • For larger areas or harder to scrub off grey gunk, some experts recommend using a toothbrush instead of a Q-Tip.