Sentence Examples

  • The whole of the gold is recovered as anode slime in cloth bags surrounding the anodes.
  • The slime is cleaned out fortnightly or monthly, the zinc turnings being cleaned by rubbing and the supernatant liquor allowed to settle in the precipitating boxes or in separate vessels.
  • In some cases both the nucleus and the chromatophores may be carried along in the rotating stream, but in others, such as T.Titeila, the chloroplasts may remain motionless iii a non-motile layer of the cytoplasm in direct contact with the cell wall.i Desmids, Diatoms and Oscillaria show creeping movements probably due to the secretion of slime by the cells; the swarmspores and plasmodium of the Myxomycetes exhibit amoehoid movements; and the motile spores of Fungi and Algae, the spermatozoids of mosses, ferns, &c., move by means of delicate prolongations, cilia or flagella cf the protoplast.
  • The ducts of the slime-glands open at their free end.
  • The internal vesicle is already indicated, and is shown in the diagram by the thinner black line: I, gut; 2, somite; 2', nephridial part of coelom; 3, haemocoele; 3', part of haemocoele which will form the heart - the part of the haemocoele on each side of this will form the pericardium; 4, nerve-cord; 4, slime glands.