Sentence Examples

  • C'est proser de la rime et rimer de la prose."
  • When he wrote Handlyng Synne he had been (11.63-76) fifteen years in the priory, beginning to write in "englysch rime in 1303."
  • The Rime in Vita e Morte di Madonna Laura cannot become obsolete, for perfect metrical form has here been married to language of the choicest and the purest.
  • Neri's own writings include Ricorda, or Advice to Youth, Letters (Padua, 1751), and a few sonnets printed in the collection of the Rime Oneste.
  • By the law of the 18th of October (November i) 1905, to assist the emperor in the supreme administration a Council of Ministers (Sovyet Ministrov) was created, under a ministerresident the first a earance of a rime P, PP P minister in Russia.