Sentence Examples

  • You can tell if your goldfish has a bacterial infection because the fin will look very ragged, while a fungal infection will cause the fin to rot away more evenly and there will be a white edge along the end of the fin.
  • By cleaning your aquarium water regularly, which for most aquariums is done by changing 15 percent of the water weekly, you can greatly reduce the chance of your goldfish from becoming stressed or sick.
  • If you want a clean, classic and conservative look to your lawn and garden, don't go with a gardener who tries to talk you into digging up a chunk of your yard for a goldfish pond!
  • Broad; and in the centre there is a large pond set in the marble pavement, full of goldfish, and with myrtles growing along its sides.
  • GOLDFISH (Cyprinus or Carassius auratus), a small fish belonging to the Cyprinid family, a native of China but natur Telescope-fish.