Sentence Examples

  • Most people who have seen this apparition believe that she was one of the mistreated residents who was likely bound or restrained too tightly by her wrists and ankles during the time the building was used as a geriatric facility.
  • With depression, the geriatric has a much firmer grasp upon what they are thinking or feeling, as opposed to dementia where symptoms are seemingly out of the awareness realm of the individual.
  • The most prevalent reason an older person receives a geriatric care assessment is for dementia or Alzheimer's, but other health conditions may also indicate the need for geriatric care.
  • In the case of the Cognistat, test taker's scores can be compared to groups of young adults, middle-aged adults, the geriatric, and people who have undergone neurosurgery.
  • Depending on your health, it may be best to see a physician who specializes in working with geriatric patients when seeking to determine the cause of the symptoms.