Words That Start With H For Kids

Updated April 27, 2022
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H words for kids reveal a common theme: the letter H loves to pair up with other letters of the alphabet. As students practice the various sounds created by this shapeshifter of the alphabet, you can also explore a world of compound nouns, homonyms and more. From preschool to fifth grade, we have a slew of H words and letter H activities to keep vocabulary in the forefront and, dare we say, an exciting endeavor.

Preschool H Words for Kids

Preschoolers are ready to learn. But spelling, not so much. Therefore, when it comes to preschoolers, you want to introduce simple words, like CVC words, beginning sight words, and words they already know. It’s important to use images to introduce these H words.

















Trace the Letter Printable Activity

Let's not stop with sight words! The worksheet below will help your little learners master this rather uniform letter.

kindergarten tracing the letter h printable

Kindergarten tracing letter h

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Kindergarten H-Word List

Ready to lay the building blocks to a healthy foundation for grammar? These simple kindergarten words help students feel like a grasp of the English language is well within their reach. Start with simple CVC words for H and build up to 4-letter CVCC words.

  • hand - a part of the human body at the end of the arm
  • has - to possess or own something
  • hat - a covering for the head
  • have - own or hold
  • hay - cut and dried grass
  • he - used for a boy
  • head - a part of the human body that comes out of the neck
  • hey - a greeting similar to "hello"
  • hi - a standard greeting short for "hello"
  • hide - to conceal something or oneself
  • hill - a small mound, pile, or rounded part of the earth
  • his - belonging to or done by him
  • hold - to carry or keep in position
  • hunt - to look for or chase
  • hurt - feeling pain

Word Wall for Things That Start With H

Word walls are commonly featured in elementary classrooms. They can be as simple as large, laminated index cards with each letter of the alphabet. Under each letter, start listing related vocabulary words, including "hat," "hay" and "hut" with the word and images. As your student's vocabulary starts to grow, you can build out your kindergarten word wall, having them add to the collection through the year.

Match That H Word Worksheet

Since your kindergarteners are getting a solid grasp of H words, it’s time to test their knowledge. Use this simple worksheet to have them match the word with its picture.

h words for kids matching activity printable

H words for kids matching activity

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Early Elementary H-Word List

Why do we double the "c" in hiccup? Why does the word contain a double "c" and not a "ck"? Explore these intricacies in the English language and more with this word list for students in early elementary grades 1-3.

  • habit - something you do regularly
  • haiku - a Japanese verse poem of unrhymed lines
  • hair - a fine, thread-like strand that grows on people and animals
  • harm - to hurt or damage something
  • harsh - someone or something unpleasant
  • haste - speed or urgency
  • hello - a greeting or response
  • help - to provide aid or assistance
  • herd - a big group of animals
  • hiccup - an involuntary spasm of the diaphragm
  • hinge - a movable mechanism that joins a door and a frame
  • hint - a suggestion that reveals a small amount of information
  • hole - a hollow place, opening, or break in something
  • home - a house or place where a person or family lives
  • hood - a covering attached to a jacket or shirt
  • hope - a feeling of optimism or a desire that something will happen
  • humor - the quality of being funny
  • hump - a rounded lump or bump

Vocabulary Word Definitions Worksheet

Below, students can enjoy a worksheet that asks them to choose the vocabulary word that best describes the word in bold.

vocabulary word definitions for letter h worksheet

Vocabulary word definitions h

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Late Elementary H-Word List

Ready for a few compound words like "hardship"? Or, how about an exploration into the land of homonyms? Here come the toughies! Words like "hallucination" and "hippopotamus." These are words that can trip up even the best spellers in grades 3-5. In fact, they often land on lists of misspelled words. Start the challenge today with these H-words.

  • hail - a type of precipitation made of small balls of ice
  • hardship - something difficult or unpleasant
  • hazy - something that is clouded over
  • height - the distance from the bottom to the top of something
  • heroic - a strong and courageous person
  • homonym - a word with the same pronunciation and different meaning
  • host - someone or something that entertains others
  • humble - someone who knows they are not perfect
  • hungry - wanting or needing to eat food
  • habitat - the natural environment of someone or something
  • harass - to torment or irritate
  • hallucination - something that someone sees that isn't really there
  • harmonica - a small wind instrument played with the mouth
  • headache - a continuous pain in the head
  • helicopter - a vertical-lift aircraft that hovers and moves in any direction
  • heritage - the background from which one comes
  • hippopotamus - a large, plant-eating mammal
  • hitchhike - to travel by soliciting rides from motorists
  • homestead - a house and the land surrounding it
  • hospital - a place to get medical attention
  • humiliate - to hurt someone's pride
  • hybrid - something that's a combination of two different things

Draw Those H Words

Ready for a little whiteboard fun? Partner students together and give each pair a whiteboard, marker and eraser. One student will have a minute to attempt to draw the assigned vocabulary word. Once the minute is up, the other student will try to guess the word drawn. A team earns a point for every correct guess.

A Haven of H Words

Need shorter words for your vocabulary list? Or perhaps you'd like to add some longer words that start with H? WordFinder's list of words that start with H is a handy hideout for many more options. It even lets you create your own word list with the helpful advanced search feature!

Traveling through the alphabet and discovering new words, letter by letter, can be one of the best ways to spark a love for grammar and vocabulary. Do you know which letter "H" loves the most? Why, it's the letter "I," of course! Make the transition from H-words to I-words with this list of words that start wIth I for kids, including "ice” and “igloo."