Sentence Examples

  • Unfortunately, bisexuals and lesbians are often the target of either homophobic abusers (who log onto the sites in order to harass the members) or men who are pretending to be women for sexual gratification.
  • We'd better watch our step, and not give him any excuse to harass us further.
  • A strong detachment of Americans under General Charles Lee was sent forward to harass the enemy's rear and if possible cut off a portion of their long baggage train.
  • From the end of August 1626 the city was blockaded, and in the meantime Polish irregulars, under the capable Stanislaus Koniecpolski, began to harass the Swedes.
  • - Taxation ought not to interfere with trade if possible, and the object of Adam Smith's maxims, as we have seen, was largely to erect sign-posts warning finance ministers against the kind of taxes likely to harass traders.