Importune Definition

ĭmpôr-to͝on, -tyo͝on, ĭm-pôrchən
importuned, importunes, importuning
importuned, importunes, importuning
To make urgent requests or demands.
Webster's New World
To ask for urgently; demand.
Webster's New World
To trouble with requests or demands; urge or entreat persistently or repeatedly.
Webster's New World
To trouble; annoy.
Webster's New World

To approach to offer one's services as a prostitute, or otherwise make improper proposals.

American Heritage
Webster's New World
Francis Bacon.
Of all other affections it [envy] is the most importune and continual.

Origin of Importune

  • French importuner from Old French importun inopportune from Latin importūnus in- not in–1 portus port, refuge per-2 in Indo-European roots

    From American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language, 5th Edition

  • From Middle French importuner, from Medieval Latin importunari (“to make oneself troublesome”), from Latin importunus (“unfit, troublesome”), originally "having no harbor"

    From Wiktionary

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