Sentence Examples

  • Acts range from the obscure, such as one competitor's attempt to impress the judges by balancing heavy objects with his teeth, to the mundane, in the form of a harmonica solo.
  • He shouted over her constantly, yammered on in long, stream of consciousness speeches, insulted her about her age and appearance, and even took to playing the harmonica mid-argument.
  • This music is based on the strong storytelling traditions in these countries, and incorporates traditional instrumentation such as the fiddle, the bagpipes, and the harmonica.
  • He also brings along a Leatherman multi-tool, clothing, a harmonica and a very basic items that are specific to the location in which he will be stranded.
  • Similar systems are in place for other instruments, including the bass, ukulele, mandolin, banjo, and even free reed aerophones like the harmonica.