Sentence Examples

  • Kniphofia Sarmentosa - Distinguished from K. aloides by its smaller glaucous leaves, the cylindrical flower-heads from 6 inches to 1 foot long, the flowers red in the upper half, and yellow, or yellow tinged red, in the lower.
  • The variety praecox flowers much earlier than K. aloides, from the middle to the end of May; its leaves are broader than those of the type, and are not glaucous, while the raceme is shorter, the stems being about half as long as the leaves.
  • While vitamin K supplementation is necessary for most people who suffer with the conditions listed above, there are some people who should avoid taking supplements in amounts above the RDA of 65 mcg unless directed by a doctor to do so.
  • Koelreuteria - K. paniculata is a small tree, beautiful when in flower; the long divided leaves, elegant throughout summer, in autumn die off a rich yellow, and the yellow flowers form large clusters over the spreading mass of foliage.
  • Because the body cannot store Vitamin K for long periods of time or in large doses, the best way to ensure a proper dosage of the nutrient is through a balanced, healthy diet that includes foods high in Vitamin K at each meal.