Sentence Examples

  • In fact, it's interesting to note that the original inspiration for K2 skis was born out of the unsuccessful skiing attempts of a man who would eventually become a major competitor of K2, Howard Head.
  • Vitamins K1 and K2 are obtained through plant foods such as leafy green vegetables and are also made by the friendly bacteria inside the human gastrointestinal system.
  • The popular outdoors store REI has a great selection of full suspension and hardtail mountain bikes from a wide range of manufacturers, including K2 and Novara.
  • Whether you are looking for KT 22 ski gear (a common mis-spelling of K2 ski gear), or you are a novice skier looking for a forgiving ski, K2 has a ski for you.
  • Because the body produces K2 on its own, it's rare for people to be deficient -- unless their bodies are unable to absorb the molecule.