Positive Words That Start With K

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Updated July 12, 2021
Positive K words examples
    Positive K words examples
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Kudos to you for finding a key word list of nice words that start with K. Kindly read on to enhance your knowledge of positive words beginning with the letter K.

Words Beginning With K That Have 5 or Fewer Letters

Whether you’re writing a nice letter to your kin or playing word games with friends, these short K words can help you get your kicks.




kalon (n.)

ideal perfect beauty

exquisiteness, radiance

karat (n.)

unit of measurement for the fineness of gold


karma (n.)

the destiny you earn through actions

fate, kismet

kay (interj.)

slang form of “okay”

okay, k, alright

keen (adj.)


acute, clever

keep (v.)

to hold or continue doing

have, retain

kef (n.)

a dreamy condition

dream-like, fantastical

kempt (adj.)

neat and tidy

clean, shipshape

key (n.)

thing that opens or explains something

opener, important

kicks (n.)

good times

thrills, fun

kicky (adj.)

fashionable or exciting

stylish, stimulating

kid (v.)

tease in a funny way


kin (n.)

a person’s relatives

family, clan, kinfolk

kind (adj.)

warm and generous

considerate, compassionate, nice

king (n.)

most important male

ruler, majesty, chief

kiss (v.)

to lightly touch with the lips


kit (n.)

set of tools

collection, equipment

kith (n.)

friends or neighbors

acquaintances, relatives

knead (v.)

massage something with the hands

work, mix, manipulate

know (v.)

to have an understanding of

comprehend, recognize

koan (n.)

Zen Buddhism puzzle used as a means to enlightenment


kudos (n.)

praise for an achievement

praise, acclaim, credit

kvell (v.)

slang for to express pride

boast, exclaim joy


Words Beginning With K That Have 6 or More Letters

Longer words that start with the letter K are also keepers, especially if you’re playing a game like Scrabble.




kabbalah (n.)

Jewish mystical movement

cabala, qabalah

kahuna (n.)

larger than life person

wizard, shaman, sorcerer

kaleidoscope (n.)

toy that creates different colors and patterns

karaoke (n.)

performance of popular music using a machine that displays lyrics


keeper (n.)

something worth holding onto

keepsake, souvenir

keepsake (n.)

something you keep because it calls memories to mind

memento, souvenir

kenspeckle (adj.)

easily recognized


keynote (n.)

main theme

principle, essence

kickback (n.)

slang for incentive paid to someone who helped you make money

payment, bribe

kidding (n.)

teased in a fun way

joking, joshing

killer (n.)

slang for extremely impressive

stellar, righteous, wicked

kilter (n.)

good condition

good form, in order

kinetic (adj.)

relating to or caused by motion

dynamic, active, energetic

kindhearted (adj.)


compassionate, generous, altruistic

kindle (v.)

to start a fire

ignite, light, burn

kindly (adv.)

something done in a caring manner

graciously, warmly, tenderly

kindred (adj.)

people or things that are closely related

similar, alike

kinfolk (n.)


family, kin

kingpin (n.)

main or essential person or thing

kahuna, chief

king-size (adj.)

larger than usual

extra-large, giant

kismet (n.)


destiny, karma

kittenish (adj.)

playfully coy

mischievous, flirtatious

knight (n.)

military servant pledged to chivalry


knockout (n.)

slang for very attractive person

stunner, looker, hunk, babe

know-how (n.)

knowledge of how to do something well

competence, experience

knowledge (n.)

what is understood

information, wisdom

kosher (adj.)

food considered fit to eat by Jewish dietary laws

proper, allowable


Great Opportunities for Positive K-Words

Whether you’re writing about knights or the Big Kahuna, K words are great for writing historical essays and fictional short stories. You’ll also find that K-words work great in speeches like a keynote speech.

Example Sentences Using Positive K-Words

These sentences highlight some of the best K words that all have really positive meanings.

  • Karma is no joke, so you’d better do some good deeds!
  • That news article was the key to my entire essay.
  • When you are kind, others want to be around you.
  • I can’t wait to kiss you when we meet at the airport.
  • I’d like to give kudos to my whole team for a job well done.
  • That ring is the only keepsake I have from my grandmother.
  • She was only kidding when she said she’d rather eat a slug than date you.
  • Even though we just met, I feel like we’re kindred spirits.
  • If it’s kismet, we’ll meet again.
  • He is brave and kind like a knight from a King Arthur story.

Karmic Knowledge

Karma may have brought you here to increase your letter K knowledge, but you can take yourself further. Check out killer adjectives that start with K, key nouns that start with K, and even king-size verbs that start with K. What’s your favorite kind K-word?