Adjectives That Start With K

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Updated June 28, 2022
Adjectives That Start with K
    Adjectives That Start with K
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Although adjectives that start with "k" are not all that common, there are some very good ones that should not be overlooked. If you’re in the market for a "k" adjective to use in the name of a business or an advertising campaign, and you don’t want to resort to cute misspellings like krazy, krispy or (spare us, please) kwik, look no further. Discover 50 top adjectives that begin with "k." They might not all be suitable for an ad campaign, but they can add a kick to your writing, and at least they’re real words.

50 Adjectives That Start With K

Build a stronger vocabulary by mastering a selection of adjectives that begin with the letter "k." Chances are you'll find a word that expresses what you want to say in this list of 50 descriptive adjectives.


K-Adjectives From Ka-Kin

Explore this alphabetical list of adjectives that start with "k."

  • kabbalistic - having a secret or hiding meaning; occult or mystic
  • kaleidoscopic - related to a kaleidoscope; having patterns that shift rapidly
  • kaput - over, defeated, destroyed
  • katabatic - related to wind produced as a result of cold air flowing down a slope
  • kayoed - being made unconscious as a result of being impacted by a heavy blow
  • keeled - having a ridged shape; formed in a manner similar in appearance to the keel of a ship
  • keen - sharp-witted; eager or enthusiastic; strong or intense
  • kempt - neat; tidy; well-groomed
  • kept - someone who is financially supported by a person with whom the individual is having a romantic relationship
  • keyless - capable of being operated without keys
  • khaki - a yellowish-brown color
  • kidney-shaped - having a shape that resembles a kidney
  • killable - capable of being killed
  • killer - one who has the potential for killing; very difficult or hard to cope with; successful, impressive or exciting
  • kin - of the same family, being related; having an affinity for
  • kind - sympathetic, friendly, gentle, tenderhearted, generous
  • kinder - a comparative term indicating that someone is more kind than another person
  • kindhearted - showing kindness or sympathy toward others
  • kindly - benevolence; gentle or mild demeanor
  • kindred - of like nature; similar
  • kinesthetic - of or related to bodily movement
  • kinetic - of or caused by motion; energetic or dynamic
  • king-sized - really big, like a king-sized bed
  • kingly - stately, regal; carrying oneself as if royal
  • kinky - full of kinks or tightly curled; weird, bizarre, eccentric, or peculiar in a sexual way

K-Adjectives From Kis and Beyond

Take a deeper dive into the world of "k" adjectives by progressing through even more of these descriptive words.

  • kissable - having the potential to be kissed
  • kitschy - describing art, decor, etc. of a gaudy nature; appeals to uncultured tastes
  • kittenish - similar in appearance or behavior to a kitten; playful in a coy way
  • kleptomaniacal - having a compulsion to steal, the characteristics of a kleptomaniac
  • klutzy - clumsy, awkward
  • knackered - extremely tired, worn out, exhausted
  • knaggy - covered with gnarled or knotty bulges
  • knarred - gnarled or knotty in appearance
  • knavish - dishonest, deceitful, untrustworthy
  • knifelike - resembling a knife
  • knightly - chivalrous, noble, courageous
  • knitted - made by knitting
  • knobbly - having very small knobs on the surface
  • knobby - covered with knobs; like a knob
  • knock-kneed - having legs that bend so that one's knees are pointed in toward each other
  • knockabout - relaxed apparel to wear around the house; boisterous or noisy
  • knockdown - overwhelming, cannot be overcome; extremely low
  • knockout - striking or beautiful; causing one to be knocked unconscious
  • knotted - tangled, tied into knots
  • knowable - capable of being understood or known
  • knowing - implying special insight or knowledge, being are of private or inside information
  • knowledgeable - having or showing knowledge or intelligence
  • kooky - silly, eccentric, crazy, etc. (The top choice for replacing krazy in all your advertising from here on out.)
  • kosher - all right, proper or correct; food that's fit to eat according to Jewish dietary laws
  • kyphotic - having a humped or crooked back

Example Sentences Featuring K-Adjectives

Looking for ideas on how you can use adjectives that start with "k" in your writing or conversations? Consider the example sentences below.

  1. The old clunker I inherited from my older brother seems to be kaput.
  2. My husband has a keen interest in classic cars.
  3. My new car has a keyless entry feature.
  4. My work uniform includes khaki pants and a red polo shirt.
  5. Our new house has a kidney-shaped swimming pool.
  6. Sometimes I think that the weeds in my garden are not actually killable.
  7. That two-hour spin class was a killer workout.
  8. The neighbors were extremely kind to our family when we moved in.
  9. My great aunt is a kindly and loving member of the family.
  10. Susie and I have so much in common; we are kindred spirits.
  11. I’m a kinesthetic learner; I learn by doing.
  12. My little brother seems to be much more klutzy than I was at his age.
  13. After working late every night this week, I am too knackered to do anything but relax over the weekend.
  14. I'm glad you finally broke up with that knavish guy you were dating.
  15. This old knitted scarf still does a great job helping me stay warm.
  16. I can't wait to change into comfortable knockabout clothes when I get home.
  17. Practicing your footwork can help you avoid a knockout blow in the boxing ring.
  18. I am trying to untangle this extremely knotted rope so we can use it as a campsite clothesline.
  19. Did you notice that Bob and Sue were exchanging knowing looks during the presentation?
  20. My professor is very knowledgeable about world history.

Real Words for Real-World Messages

So you see, there are lots of good adjectives that start with "k." Now that you know them, inventing new ones is just unnecessary. Why use klean/kleen in your persuasive writing when there’s kempt? What good is krazy when you’ve got both kooky and killer? Take your pick. There’s something here for everyone. For even more inspiration, review some examples of rhetoric: tools to persuade and motivate.