Sentence Examples

  • Our products include pet grave markers, pet urns, custom pet portraits and drawings (some incorporate the ashes in the oils and acrylics), pet keepsake boxes, pet memorial jewelry, blankets, and engraved glass pieces.
  • If you were wondering where to buy tin cups, hopefully you will now be able to find what you were looking for whether you were looking for something to drink from, put on display, cook in, or just have as a keepsake.
  • Pull out the art supplies, and let kids create a scrapbook of all their artwork, writing assignments, etc. They'll enjoy cutting, pasting, and decorating their scrapbooks to create a unique keepsake of the year.
  • All Norwegian Cruises wedding packages include consultation with a wedding coordinator, ceremony, officiant, ceremony music, wedding cake for bride and groom and wine or champagne, a keepsake marriage certificate, and photography services.
  • A picture is a great way to show off your engagement ring to friends and family members who may be far away, and a great picture of the ring makes a great memento for a scrapbook, engagement announcement, wedding album, or other keepsake.