Sentence Examples

  • If you and your friends want to try your hand at the roles of Christine, Raoul, Carlotta, and, of course, the Phantom himself, the good news is that Phantom of the Opera karaoke MP3 clips are relatively easy to find online.
  • Given its popularity, Phantom of the Opera makes a great showtune karaoke choice, because unlike some less well known shows, nearly everyone in the crowd is bound to be familiar with at least a few songs from Phantom.
  • For boys, consider buying the High School Musical dance mat that interacts with your television like a video game, or perhaps the HSM Karaoke set if he is involved in the arts or is always wandering the house singing the movie's songs.
  • Some sites offer downloads for free, while other sites are paid downloading sites; just keep in mind that you will need to download tracks that are compatible with your operating system or that can be played in your karaoke machine.
  • In addition to regular cruise ship activities and live performances by a variety of artists, including the headlining act, these Caribbean cruises may include special features, such as line dancing lessons and country music karaoke.