Sentence Examples

  • Practicality fuses with fashion when it comes to this double-stitched denim line that features antique brass hardware and an assortment of kicky styles including, totes, messengers, handbags, and uber-pocketed shoulder bags.
  • Sleeveless dress with hearts: This tank top ribbed mini-dress comes in either pink with brown hearts, or white with pink hearts and works as both a long T-shirt and a kicky dress.
  • Many shoppers are unaware that a seemingly kicky handbag that they purchased at a reasonable price is actually inspired by the seasonal runway products of a high designer label.
  • Leggings, like some of the psychedelic tights of the 1960s, can add extra verve to an already kicky dress, as well as preserve comfort and modesty.
  • Girlish, contemporary, and absolutely kicky are terms to describe Huit's contribution to the world of French lingerie.