Sentence Examples

  • The key factors that need to be taken into account when setting a budget are the type of metal used (the higher the karat the more expensive it will be) and the quality of the diamond which includes its cut, color and clarity.
  • Bell Jewels: Bell Jewels carries an excellent selection of chocolate diamond rings appropriate for engagements, including a lovely .56 karat solitaire priced just under $700 and 1.03 karat solitaire priced just under $1,700.
  • Both reproductions of popular designer pieces as well as exclusive designs are offered, and the artificial gems are set into precious metals including 14 and 18 karat gold as well as platinum to emphasize their high quality.
  • Metal: In general, the precious metal used for a promise style will be a lower quality, less expensive alloy such as silver or 10 karat gold instead of the platinum or richer gold favored for engagement rings.
  • The stark contrast of different colors of metal may detract from the beauty of the gem, while similar shades of one metal (different karat values of yellow gold, for example) may be used to enhance the stone.