Sentence Examples

  • Whether you are looking for KT 22 ski gear (a common mis-spelling of K2 ski gear), or you are a novice skier looking for a forgiving ski, K2 has a ski for you.
  • Kt., sitting for the constable of England in a court of chivalry.
  • The relation they suspected to be of the form -yS = KT, where K is a constant analogous to R, and S the surface containing one gramme-molecule, y and T being the surface tension and temperature respectively.
  • Ramsay and Shields found from investigations of the temperature coefficient of the surface energy that Tin the equation y(Mv) 3 = KT must be counted downwards from the critical temperature T less about 6°.
  • In 1468 at the request of Sir John Wenlock, Kt., and "in consideration of the laudable services which the men of the town performed in assisting the king to gain possession of the crown," and the charter was confirmed in 547 by Henry VIII.