Sentence Examples

  • For a selection of traditional papier mache masks, go to Masks and Make Believe, which has a wide selection of handcrafted masks, including seductive animal faces, jesters, Pinocchios and masks decorated with feathers and beads.
  • You can also find printable masks on many websites devoted to families and kids' crafts, such as these cut-outs for a lion, pumpkin, mouse, and cat.If you're feeling particularly ambitious, you can make a paper mache mask.
  • If you're crafty and know how to work with papier mache, you can design a really spectacular mask, but the easier way to go is to buy a half mask in a craft shop and decorate it as you like.
  • Meyer of Aarau and Muller of Engelberg in papier mache, now in Zurich.
  • It carries on considerable manufactures of faience, plush, velvet, leather, porcelain and earthenware, and is a chief depot for the papier-mache boxes, mostly snuff-boxes, which are made in great quantities in the neighbourhood.