Cablelabs definitions

A not-for-profit research and development organization for the benefit of its member companies in the cable television (CATV) business. CableLabs' stated mission is that of pursuing new cable telecommunications technologies and helping its cable operator members integrate them into their business objectives. Of particular significance is the Data over Cable Service Interface Specification (DOCSIS) suite of specifications for which CableLabs assumed administrative responsibility from Multimedia Cable Network Systems Partners Ltd. (MCNS). DOCSIS defines the interface requirements for cable modems in support of high speed data communications and Internet access over CATV networks.The CableHome initiative is geared toward developing the interface specifications necessary to extend cable-based services to devices within the home. PacketCable is a CableLabs initiative aimed at developing interoperable interface specifications of real-time multimedia over two-way cable plant. For contact information, see Appendix A. See also cable modem, CATV, DOCSIS, and modem.