Sentence Examples

  • In this case, "cache-sexe" appears to be the term used in those areas of the African continent that were colonized by the French, such as the region from western Mali to southern Cameroon.
  • The cache-sexe can be traced to the Paleolithic period, where stone carvings of fecund women, such as the Venus of Lespugue, depict panels of string fore and aft.
  • Not wearing a cache-sexe is a visible statement of a woman's inability or unwillingness to participate in social interaction, as when ill or in mourning.
  • Articles of dress with ritual power, such as the cache-sexe, are used to protect, if not actually conceal, the lower body against evil.
  • For example, cache-sexe created by the Kirdi (Fulani) women in northern Cameroon are skirts beaded with a fantastic range of colors.