Sentence Examples

  • Whereas erotica features a subject's genitalia or other bare private parts as the central focus of a photo, sensual female photography tastefully conceals the model's genitals and concentrates on positioning the subject in artful poses.
  • This testing should also be offered to children and adults who display features commonly seen in PWS (developmental delays, uncontrollable appetite, small genitalia, etc.). There are several different genetic tests that can detect PWS.
  • During a physical examination, the doctor looks for underdeveloped breasts and genitalia, webbed neck, short stature, low hairline in back, simian crease (a single crease in the palm), and abnormal development of the chest.
  • This exam includes assessing size, weight, head circumference, chest circumference, genitalia, physical mobility, eyes, ears, nose, mouth, lungs, heart, elimination, presence of neonatal reflexes, and much more.
  • Sporosac springing from m, a modified hydriform person (blastostyle): the genitalia are seen surrounding the spadix or manubrium.