Sentence Examples

  • Besides water fun, the park is also boasts the Island Oasis Party Cabana, which is available for private or birthday parties and company picnics.
  • Actual men's shirt and short swim sets – also called cabana sets - made their debut during the postwar period, when leisure was taken far more seriously, and more and more men could afford beach and cruise holidays.
  • A pair of scissors can trim trailing threads and bandages, and if you bring a needle and thread, you can reattach a swimsuit strap or fix an embarrassing hole right in the restroom, changing room, or cabana.
  • Cabana Strip Beach Towels: These brightly striped towels come in a bevy of colors and are available in there different sizes: medium, sun craft and terry craft.
  • With so many retro swimsuits now available for women, it is surprising that items like cabana sets have not become popular as ready-to-wear garments for men.