Sentence Examples

  • The name Miraclesuit has quite a lot of cache in the swimwear industry because their advanced technology makes it possible for you to look up to 10 pounds slimmer- just by wearing the suit.
  • Using your new cache of movement verbs, why not try and create some sentences to talk about what you do during the year, what sports you enjoy or how you get through your day.
  • On the inside you get an impressive line-up of high-tech hardware, including an Intel Core 2 Duo T6600 processor, a 2 MB L2 cache and 800 MHz front side bus, which is more than adequate even for the most avid gamer.
  • Berry Gordy started Tamla Records before he started Motown - and in fact, in the UK, most Motown releases were actually on the Tamla Motown imprint - but it is Motown that did (and does) have the cache.
  • Lady Hamilton Vintage: The dreamy gothic romance of bygone days remains the most alluring aspect of these vintage-styled watches, but within their inner workings lie a surprising cache of functionality.