Sentence Examples

  • However, retailers such as Bullet Blocker and Miguel Caballero have a lot of stylish clothing that also offers significant protection.
  • Near the end of the century Sonora and Sinaloa were divided into two districts, in 1767 the Jesuit missions were secularized, in 1779 the government of the province was definitely organized by Caballero de Croix, and in 1783 Arizpe became the provincial capital.
  • Requesens was only "a gentleman of cloak and sword" (caballero de capa y espada), though by the king's favour he was "grand commander" of the military order of Santiago in Castile.
  • But Alphonso did not use his freedom to act legibus solutus except against such hoary and incorrigible intriguers as Don Juan ci Tuerto or the Caballero Diego Gil, whom he beheaded with seventeen of his men after promising them security for their lives.
  • His place was taken by Caballero, an ardent opponent of reform, who restored all the abuses of the old bureaucratic administration and pandered to the bigoted prejudices of the clergy and the court.