Sentence Examples

  • Instead of designer thongs or flimsy lace things, Ethel wore the plainest of cotton panties, the type described by past generations as 'practi­cal.'
  • In discussing marriage he refuses to use any but the plainest language.
  • 4), and utter the most unpleasant truths, unassailed, in the plainest fashion.
  • Translated into the plainest English, the position is as follows: " Society can only be regenerated by the greater subordination of politics to morals, by the moralization of capital, by the renovation of the family, by a higher conception of marriage and so on.
  • They are the presentment of all his ideas and scenes in the plainest and most direct language, the frequent employ ment of colloquial forms of speech, the constant insertion of little material details and illustrations, often of a more or less digressive form, and, in his historico-fictitious works, as well as in his novels, the most rigid attention to vivacity and consistency of character.

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