Sentence Examples

  • The country is dotted over with large and small lakes, generally salt or alkaline, and intersected by streams, and the soil is boggy and covered with tussocks of grass, thus resembling the Siberian tundra and the Pamirs.
  • Nordenskiold's Vega-expeditionens Vetenskapliga Iakttagelser (5 vols., Stockholm, 2872-87) may be consulted for the mammals of the tundra region and marine fauna.
  • For the most part it consists of tundra, with frequent marshes and small lakes.
  • The tundra passes by imperceptible gradations into the moor, bog and heath of warmer climates.
  • The immense peninsula of Taymyr - a barren tundra intersected by the wild Byrranga Hills - projects in Cape Chelyuskin as far north as 77° 46' N.