Sentence Examples

  • While you won't be able to create your own unique characters for Spore in Maxis BIOME, you will get plenty of exposure into at least one of the critical elements in the upcoming blockbuster game.
  • The team at Maxis developed a series of different prototypes, like BIOME, to explore the different design directions that Spore could take when it was ready for mass consumption.
  • You may not be particularly familiar with the Maxis BIOME project, but considering that the game is 100% free to download and play, it could certainly be worth your while.
  • Electronic Arts says that by issuing some of these prototypes, like BIOME, to the public, they are offering gamers a "golden ticket" into the creative process.
  • Instead, Maxis BIOME will get you to look into "chemical stoichiometry" and how the different cells in the biome react to chemical changes in the environment.