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  • With the exception of a few subAlpine districts near Bergamo and Brescia, the great Lombard plain is decidedly unpastoral.
  • The larger villages are mostly in the mountain region, but in many parts of the Alps the villages stand in the subalpine region at heights varying from 4000 ft.
  • Ter ?, (-- �?s'`4" Gn Metamorphic Rocks Subalpine Alagelfluh Rigi Ter Jr Schiichenthal Cretaceous & Eocene Range A Aar Massif Gotthard Massif,, ',�?'
  • The latter, on the other hand, assumes a greater importance and forms nearly the whole of the subalpine ranges.
  • Slope of the Cascades the red fir ceases to be the dominant tree, and between this elevation and the region of perpetual snow, on a few of the highest peaks, rise a succession of forest zones containing principally: (1) yellow pine, red and yellow fir, white fir and cedar; (2) lodgepole pine, white pine, Engelmann spruce and yew; (3) subalpine fir, lovely fir, noble fir, Mertens hemlock, Alaska cedar and tamarack; (4) white-bark pine, Patton hemlock, alpine larch and creeeping juniper.

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