Sentence Examples

  • In a region so extensive very great varieties of climate are naturally to be expected, but it may be stated as a general law that the climate of Australia is milder than that of corresponding lands in the northern hemisphere.
  • Long; it is found in New England and the milder parts of Canada, and is frequently planted in Britain; its growth is extremely rapid in moist land; the buds are covered with a balsamic secretion.
  • As in the case of quinine, the administration of small doses of hydrobromic acid often relieve the milder symptoms.
  • During the milder interglacial period some southern types, such as Rhododendron ponticum, still held their own, but ultimately succumbed.
  • The climate is severe in the north and north-west parts, but the south and south-east districts are milder, while the most favoured part is the Lavant valley.