Sentence Examples

  • It was located in an atmosphere of tranquility with a superb central location.
  • Cabins are generally minimalist, with the highlight of each stateroom being the signature "Tranquility Bed" - a restful focal point with an extra-thick mattress, luxury sheets, down duvets, and abundant throw pillows.
  • Through her various applications, she offers customers tips on how to create harmony and tranquility in new environments (including workplaces), and even advises home sellers about selling their properties.
  • In the practice of feng shui outdoor water features not only add a sense of calm and tranquility to the area, they also attract positive chi resulting in increased harmony, balance and prosperity.
  • Tropical shower curtains are becoming popular focal points in many bathrooms, and decorating with a tropical theme lends a sense of tranquility to just about any room in your home.