106 Adjectives That Start With “T”

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Updated July 25, 2022
List of Adjectives That Start with T
    Adjectives That Start with T
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You might not know it yet, but “T” is one of your favorite letters. From your talented friends to a tranquil lake, “T” is the start of some tremendous adjectives that will never feel tiresome. Adjectives are words that describe nouns (people, places, things, and ideas), and they’re essential for writing, conversation, and just existing as a person. “T” offers some of the most trustworthy, tasteful adjectives to turn to for every mood, occasion, and personality.

Positive Adjectives That Start With “T”

If you’re looking to stay positive, adjectives that start with “T” offer a tantalizing mix of options to choose from. From your trendy friends with their outfits always on-point to the perfectly transcendent cookie, your life is full of things that deserve a positive adjective.

Adjective Definition Synonyms
tactful diplomatic; able to convey criticism without hurting others courteous, thoughtful, judicious
talented having a natural aptitude or skill for something gifted, adept, brilliant
tantalizing interesting, exciting alluring, enticing, persuasive
tasteful suitable, attractive; in good taste refined, charming, exquisite
tasty flavorful; appealing to the taste buds delicious, appetizing, delectable
tenacious persistent; stubborn; holding fast strong, unyielding, determined
tender soft; delicate affectionate, loving, fragile
tenderhearted sympathetic; soft-hearted affectionate, sensitive, kindhearted
terrific extremely good; intense awesome, wonderful, tremendous
thankful grateful; pleased appreciative, indebted, obliged
therapeutic curative; possessing healing powers restorative, corrective, beneficial
thoughtful considerate of others mindful, careful, attentive
thrilling exciting; tantalizing electrifying, gripping, sensational
thriving highly successful; prospering prosperous, flourishing, burgeoning
tidy neat, clean, or orderly organized, well-kept, uncluttered
tiptop of the highest quality excellent, best, superior
titanic possessing enormous size and strength colossal, enormous, Herculean
titillating exciting in an agreeable way arousing, charming, alluring
top-notch first-rate excellent, outstanding, superior
tough strong and durable sturdy, resilient, solid
transcendent exceptional; surpassing the ordinary extraordinary, fantastic, sublime
tranquil peaceful; relaxing setting calm, easygoing, sedate
tremendous extremely good; large in scale, size or magnitude enormous, overwhelming, astounding
trendy stylish, up-to-date with the latest fashion trends fashionable, contemporary, voguish
trusty reliable, consistent faithful, dependable, credible
trusting a tendency to believe others; accept at face value credulous, believing, confiding

Negative Adjectives That Start With “T”

As much as you might want to stay positive, some things (and people) simply warrant a negative descriptor. From tyrannical teachers to terrible workdays or tiresome errands, every day brings new opportunities for trying times.

Adjective Definition Synonyms
taboo deemed by society to be unacceptable or improper banned, prohibited, outlawed
tacky shabby in appearance; not fashionable cheap, gaudy, dingy
tactless insensitive to the feelings of others careless, unthinking, unsympathetic
tardy late, overdue delayed, unpunctual, overdue
tasteless insipid or dull; lacking in aesthetic quality boring, distasteful, uninspired
tattered torn, shredded; worn-out dilapidated, ripped, threadbare
tawdry gaudy; showy but cheaply made tasteless, vulgar, tacky
taxing physically or mentally demanding; burdensome onerous, tedious, stressful
tedious long and tiresome, often marked by monotony boring, banal, dull
tense characterized by mental or nervous strain high-strung, stressed, wound-up
terrifying extremely frightening alarming, ghastly, horrid
terrible unpleasant; grievous horrible, abhorrent, atrocious
testy touchy; irritably impatient annoyed, cantankerous, grumpy
thorny prickly, covered with thorns; difficult problematic, spiky, nettlesome
threatening ominous; intended to be deliberately hostile menacing, alarming, sinister
tiresome causing someone to feel annoyed or exhausted irritating, exasperating, laborious
tiring fatiguing; causing one to become exhausted demanding, exhausting, exacting
tortuous complex and difficult to follow; full of twists and turns convoluted, circuitous, complicated
toxic poisonous; having a damaging impact harmful, noxious, pernicious
tragic extremely mournful; suggestive of tragedy sad, calamitous, pathetic
traitorous characteristic of someone who betrays trust treacherous, deceptive, double-crossing
traumatic psychologically painful frightening, appalling, unspeakable
treasonous involving the betrayal of one’s country disloyal, traitorous, betraying
troublesome causing difficulty or bother; leading to annoyance worrisome, bothersome, irksome
truant neglectful of duty or obligation; absent (typically from school) gone, missing, irresponsible
trying annoying, difficult; straining one’s patience or endurance bothersome, strenuous, troublesome
tyrannical oppressive, overbearing, cruel; abuse of power despotic, authoritarian, brutal

Neutral Adjectives Starting With “T”

Most things in life aren’t as binary as good and bad. You often need those neutral adjectives to describe tight pants, torrential storms, and tepid waters.

Adjective Definition Synonyms
tailored (in clothing) fitted and well-cut with a neat appearance bespoke, custom-fit, custom-made
taloned armed with claws or talons clawed
tame not wild; domesticated docile, domesticated, harmless
tangential digressive from a main point; barely touching or slightly connected unrelated, divergent, extraneous
tangible can be perceived through the sense of touch touchable, palpable, concrete
tangled interlaced or mixed up; complicated intricate, twisted, complex
tantamount equivalent to or virtually the same as commensurate, comparable, identical
taut stretched or tightly drawn tense, rigid, firm
teachable capable of learning; (of a subject or idea) able to be taught amenable, qualified, trainable
teeming overflowing with; swarming abundant, brimming, replete
telling revealing, having significant impact cogent, significant, trenchant
temporal relating to time; relating to material, worldly affairs earthly, secular, physical
temporary lasting only a limited period of time impermanent, ephemeral, short-lived
tepid lukewarm; lacking enthusiasm halfhearted, mild, unenthusiastic
thin skinny, slim slender, narrow, fine
tight snug; fitting closely together compact, cramped, taut
timely occurring at an opportune time; at just the right time convenient, appropriate, auspicious
tiny very small; minuscule microscopic, miniature, little
tolerant accepting; putting up with open-minded, permissive, lenient
total the entire amount; all of something absolute, complete, comprehensive
torrid scorchingly hot; passionate arid, sizzling, fiery
tropical something particular or native to the tropics; warm and humid equatorial, steamy, sweltering
tubular round and hollow cylindrical, pipe-like
turbid opaque; obscure in appearance, meaning or impact murky, cloudy, muddy
turgid swollen, inflated bloated, distended, puffy
twinkly shining, gleaming, sparkling bright, glistening, shimmering
twisted crooked; contorted gnarled, knotted, tangled
typical ordinary; as expected conventional, usual, normal

Adjectives Starting With “T” To Describe People and Personalities

You’ll never find two people with the same personality. One person might be talkative, while another is taciturn. You may have a tired friend or a timorous colleague. Whoever you come across, there are trustworthy adjectives to describe every personality.

Adjective Definition Synonyms
taciturn reserved in speech, inclined to silence in conversations quiet, aloof, laconic
take-charge able to take responsibility or control commanding, can-do, enthusiastic
talkative verbose, chatty; enjoys speaking to others chatty, articulate, gregarious
tall having stature, height towering, elevated, rangy
teetotal related to abstaining from intoxicating drink abstinent, sober, temperate
temperamental liable to sudden, frequent mood swings moody, irritable, erratic
terse effectively concise and pithy brief, brusque, incisive
thickheaded stupid, dull-witted unintelligent, ignorant, dense
thick-skinned insensitive to insults, criticism, or reproach tough, hardened, impervious
thorough extremely attentive to detail; having mastery of a craft or talent comprehensive, intensive, meticulous
thrifty frugal, careful with spending stingy, economical, scrimpy
tightfisted cheap, stingy frugal, parsimonious, penny-pinching
tight-lipped characterized by speaking very little or suppressing one’s emotions quiet, reticent, guarded
timid easily frightened; demonstrating a lack of bravery or courage shy, cowardly, feeble
timorous full of fear timid, apprehensive, afraid
tired sleepy, in need of sleep exhausted, weary, fatigued
tireless having seemingly endless energy energetic, determined, indefatigable
torpid inactive or sluggish; dull, apathetic lethargic, lazy, indolent
trenchant incisive or vigorous in expression pointed, salient, clear
trepid fearful or apprehensive scared, timorous, timid
troubled beset by conflict or problems distressed, worried, disturbed
truculent aggressively hostile, eager to argue or fight belligerent, combative, pugnacious
truehearted loyal, faithful, honest sincere, dedicated, honorable
trustworthy deserving of confidence or trust reliable, dependable, authentic
twitterpated overcome by romantic feelings smitten, infatuated, obsessed

Example Sentences for Adjectives That Start With the Letter “T”

With a nearly total supply of adjectives that start with “T,” it’s a good idea to look at some sentence examples to learn how to properly use all these adjectives.

  1. The talented musician could expertly play any song on the piano with just one listen.
  2. No matter how often she fell, her tenacious attitude meant she always got back up to try again.
  3. At long last, it was finally time to throw away the tattered shirt.
  4. After her hard day, all she needed was a tasty burger to boost her spirits.
  5. I need more tangible instruction to really learn a concept.
  6. The list of strange seasonal drinks told me this wasn’t your typical coffeehouse.
  7. He kept telling side stories that were tangential to the main lesson.
  8. The dog was timid at first but quickly warmed up to me.
  9. He had become thick-skinned after receiving so much criticism over the years.
  10. He found the process of building furniture extremely tedious.
  11. The tranquil forest was more relaxing than the busy city.
  12. Her trendy friends always knew what was in style.
  13. The company offered some top-notch service.
  14. The transcendent pie improved my day.
  15. She was back in tiptop shape after a good night of sleep.
  16. After studying for so long, they really needed that timely break.
  17. The duct tape was just a temporary fix until they could contact a mechanic.
  18. The tangled yarn was a real pain to work with.
  19. Her muscles were tense after lifting weights for an hour.
  20. The team was thankful for a day off.

Tons of Terrific “T” Words

Now that your brain is full of tasty adjectives that start with “T,” you’re ready to add even more parts of speech to you vocabulary. Knowing as many “T” words as you can will give you an edge in all your word games and improve your writing and conversation skills.