Nouns That Start With T

Updated June 4, 2021
nouns that start with t
    nouns that start with t
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Nouns refer to persons, places, things, or ideas. Examples of T-nouns might include a person named Theresa, a place called Texas, things like toys, or ideas like tranquility.

T is a very popular letter, making the possibility of a complete list quite difficult. But, below, you’ll find 50 of the most common nouns that start with T to get you started.

50 Nouns Starting With T

Do you have a talent for words? Does your teacher impart new verbal knowledge on you day by day? Together, let’s team up to traipse through a list of 50 T-nouns:





a piece of furniture with a flat top and legs

desk, stand, counter


natural skill or ability

charisma, versatility, aptitude


a natural or artificial pool or pond

aquarium, basin, pond


an object or goal that is being aimed at

aim, goal, objective


something that has to be done

assignment, job, chore


the sense of noticing flavors in food or drink

palate, flavor, gustation


a required payment on goods or property that goes to the government

charge, duty, fee


dried leaves or herbs made into a beverage by brewing in boiled water

beverage, brew, infusion


someone who helps others learn new things

educator, instructor, lecturer


a group of people working for a common cause

alliance, association, club


science or knowledge put into practical use to solve problems

automation, computers, robotics


an electronic device with programs for people to watch

TV, boob tube, the box


the amount of heat in a given area

heat, warmth, cold


a word or group of words that has a special meaning

expression, terminology, phrase


an examination or an evaluation

exam, quiz, questionnaire


words in a written work

writing, volume, book


grateful feelings or thoughts

appreciation, gratitude, praise


a recurring idea

motif, moral, topic


an idea to explain something

conjecture, doctrine, hypothesis


treatment for a disorder or to promote wellness

remedy, treatment, cure


an object or act

article, doohickey, element


a fine line, steak, or thing

cotton, yarn, fiber


a printed piece of paper that gives someone the right to do or enter something

admission, fare, stub


the duration in which things happen

duration, extent, chronology


secret information given to someone

hint, clue, warning


the name of a creative work

heading, inscription, headline


a device with a specific purpose

implement, instrument, mechanism


the highest point

summit, peak, crown


the subject of something

theme, subject, thesis


the act of feeling something with your hand

rub, stroke, pat


a trip or journey for sightseeing

excursion, expedition, journey


a residential area that’s smaller than a city and larger than a village

village, municipality, community


a specific area or path on which something is to take place

avenue, circuit, course


the general marketplace of buying and selling goods

commerce, sales, enterprise


a delay that involves transportation in a designated location

congestion, passage, gridlock


a marked, paved, or beaten path or course

footpath, route, track


the process of being conditioned or taught to do something

discipline, practice, instruction


a change of possession

changeover, move, transmit


a change from one form or stage to another

alteration, change, conversion


medical care

antidote, care, medication


woody plants with trunks

sapling, timber, wood


an experimental period

experiment, test run, attempt


the act of going someplace and returning

excursion, expedition, jaunt


problems and misfortunes

strain, stress, difficulty


a motorized vehicle with an open bed for transporting

van, rig, vehicle


something that provides a decisive advantage

clincher, trump card, ace in the hole


confidence in the honesty or integrity of a person or thing

reliance, dependence, belief


something that has been proven by facts or sincerity

accuracy, veracity, fact


a state of excitement or nervous energy

chatter, flutter, gigglet


people, places, or things that share traits which allow them to belong to the same group

kind, standard, variety

What Is a Noun?

A noun is the part of the speech that names a person, place, thing, or idea. When we use them in our writing, we often need to place an article before them, such as “a,” “an,” or “the.” For example, “a truck” or “the truth.”

One of the primary functions of nouns is to act as the subject of the sentence. So, in the sentence, “The tree is tall,” “tree” is a noun. Nouns are often direct objects, too. In the sentence, “Timothy trusted the teacher,” “teacher” is the direct object. It’s the object of the verb, “trusted.”

capital letter t
    Capital letter T
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Types of Nouns

Given their prominence in nearly every sentence we write, there’s quite an array of nouns. Here are five of the most popular types:

  • Proper nouns name specific things, like the names of people, cities, states, countries, buildings, and books. As proper nouns, they are capitalized. So, “Tahoe” is a proper noun, but “city” is a common noun.
  • Common nouns refer to general items, such as “town,” instead of “Thomasville.”
  • Abstract nouns are used when you can’t touch the noun. These nouns are theoretical, such as “thrill” or “tranquility.”
  • Collective nouns refer to large groups, such as a “team” of players or a “tower” of calla lilies.
  • Possessive nouns demonstrate ownership over something else. For example, with “Tucker’s toy,” “Tucker’s” is a possessive noun, indicating that the toy belongs to Tucker.

To continue to explore these categories, check out Types of Nouns.


10 Example Sentences

Don’t tiptoe around T-nouns. Use them in your writing! They’re tasty enough to add a lot of flavor. Here are 10 examples to illustrate:

  1. Could you set the table while I cook?
  2. Doyle hit the target on his first try.
  3. Have a taste of the cilantro before I put it in the stir fry.
  4. Mrs. O’Reilly was my favorite teacher in elementary school.
  5. Always check the temperature of a room before you walk into it.
  6. He has an interesting theory on evolution.
  7. I broke the tip on my favorite fountain pen.
  8. Let me propose a trade with you: my sandwich for your burrito.
  9. It’s important to receive the proper training before heading into battle.
  10. Let’s put our trust in him.

Time to Explore More T-Terms

Are you ready to transcend beyond nouns to discover even more T-words? WordFinder by YourDictionary makes it easy for you to curate a unique list of terms that start with T for educational or entertainment purposes. Review T-words based on length, or create a custom list based on criteria that you specify, such as words that begin, end or include certain letters or combinations of letters. From there, you may want to explore even more word lists.


The Totality of T-Nouns

Wouldn’t it be fun to list every T-noun in the English language? That would be quite an endeavor. How about another part of speech? Care to explore 20 Adjectives That Start With T? These two would make a great pairing for some alliteration since adjectives love to modify nouns. Let the teeming totality of T-nouns whisk you away as you incorporate them into your next short story or poem.