Sentence Examples

  • For instance, besides learning where the latest Star Trek parties are taking place, Twitter followers will see examples of how current technology is catching up to what fans have lived and believed for years in the Star Trek Universe.
  • In addition to registering for e-mails that feature Body Central coupon codes, you can visit the company's Twitter page to get instant access to amazing sale items, plus bargains and deals that can be accessed online and in stores.
  • Whether you choose to create a new background from scratch or work from a template and then customize it to make it your own, learning how to create a new Twitter background will allow you to take total control of your Twitter persona.
  • These will allow users to follow you on Twitter by clicking a button on your blog or website, allow users to share your web content on Twitter from their own accounts, and let you put your Twitter update stream anywhere you'd like.
  • Nothing exists that even remotely looks like Twitter before the Internet.