Sentence Examples

  • The application has become integrated into Twitter, for example, allowing people to spread the link to their "Elf Yourself" video thru a single tweet that can go out and get passed along to all their friends.
  • For example, if you want to talk about where you'll be in ten years, you may want to add #in10years to the end of your tweet to tie your tweet in with others who are talking about the same thing.
  • Similarly to Google Trends, they give a glimpse into what people are interested in currently, and in general one particular person has not much to gain if they also tweet about a trending topic.
  • HPSCRT: Those trends will last longer that impact a lot of people and thus many users tweet about: breaking and important news in politics or technology, news about celebrities, world events.
  • Many fellow actors, including former boyfriend Ashton Kutcher, are expressing their sadness and condolences via Twitter, with Kutcher ending his Tweet with "…see you on the other side kid."