Sentence Examples

  • Advice leaflets are available which you can download in pdf format.
  • The twenty-two episodes of season four are fit onto six disks and look absolutely impeccable in their letterbox format.
  • The show was to follow the tried and true VH1 dating show format, but the drama off screen outdid the onscreen antics when one of the contestants was accused in a real life murder case, causing VH1 to pull the show after three episodes.
  • The site offers a few free lessons so that you can try the online learning format before purchasing any remaining lessons, and you don't have to pay to access the list of country line dances and songs that the website offers lessons for.
  • The format and look of a website does not truly reveal the author's credentials and knowledge of identity theft topics; a website that looks reliable may simply be the product of someone who really knows how to put a nice website together.