Sentence Examples

  • All users produced designs that were internally coherent with both layout and navigational elements.
  • If you want everyone who views your site to know that love ballet or hip hop, the easiest way to do it is to use a custom MySpace layout that integrates photographs, iconic symbols and colors that represent your particular field of dance.
  • By adjusting these simple but critical factors, the resulting small red coaster car may make it safely through the track layout or it could roll back and fail to complete the track or even fly off the track if the design is not feasible.
  • However, if you have photos that feature several different people, you'll need to come up with a good system for determining how to file each layout in order to avoid the tedious job of scrapping the same picture for more than one album.
  • Whether you're searching for whimsical floral images for your daughter's baby book or sophisticated graphics to include on a heritage layout, the Internet is full of online resources offering budget-friendly scrapbooking embellishments.