Sentence Examples

  • This is a formal, more business-like formatting that can be altered to fit your specific needs and should include the date, recipient name, organization name, address, greeting, body, and closing.
  • In addition to choosing your type of formatting, you also need to tailor your resume to the type of administrative assistant job, and to make sure you mention any skills you have that the employer specifically mentioned he was looking for.
  • Many computers with Microsoft Office Suite also feature helpful resume "wizards" that simply prompt you to input certain information and then it automatically creates the document for you, complete with proper formatting and headings.
  • Rather than viewing the objective statement as being in compliance with proper formats, people in this camp see them as a failure to move forward with the times to contemporary business document formatting considerations.
  • Creating your own website can be a very rewarding experience, and having the ability to open up an HTML file in Notepad, and "tweak" the formatting so that the page looks exactly how you want it to, is very empowering.