Sentence Examples

  • This is a formal, more business-like formatting that can be altered to fit your specific needs and should include the date, recipient name, organization name, address, greeting, body, and closing.
  • There are many types of posts in this section of the forum, ranging from venting about the frustrations of freelance work to questions about proper formatting and style for certain types of writing assignments.
  • Whether you want to create solid color backgrounds for your MySpace profile, or you want to embed a picture as the backdrop, the technique that you use will always include some form of HTML formatting code.
  • This type of formatting allows you to clearly show all of the things you know how to do, which is especially important if you did a lot of tasks at one particular job, but do not have a long career history.
  • There's often one aspect of HTML that may be especially hard to understand or remember, such as formatting tables, so it's fine to just have that on your "cheat sheet" if that's all you need.