Positive Words That Start With I

Updated July 20, 2021
Positive I words examples
    Positive I words examples
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Here’s a little secret: when you focus on positivity all day, every day, your life is sure to take an immediate change for the better. Together, let’s start the journey with an immense list of positive words that start with I.

Positive I Words With 8 or Fewer Letters

How often do you consider your words to be positive or negative? The truth is, all of our words convey positive or negative connotations. Knowing this, why not choose words that empower other people and shed light (not shadows) on a situation? Explore some illuminating words that can be impactful to those around you.




iconic (adj.)

someone or something that is a representation of something else

emblematic, quintessential, exemplary

idealist (n.)

a person guided by hopes rather than practicality

dreamer, optimist, romantic

idyllic (adj.)

peaceful, tranquil, or pretty

pleasant, pastoral, unspoiled

imbue (v.)

to fill something

infuse, instill, saturate

immense (adj.)

extremely large

colossal, enormous, gigantic

immerse (v.)

to become deeply involved

absorb, bury, occupy

impart (v.)

to make known

bestow, divulge, confer

impress (v.)

to emphasize

drive, hammer, stress

improve (v.)

to make someone or something better

ameliorate, enhance, upgrade

increase (v.)

to become greater in size, quantity or quality

extend, enlarge, augment

indulge (v.)

to give into a desire

allow, gratify, revel

innocent (adj.)

free from sin

blameless, spotless, upright

insight (n.)

intuitiveness; awareness; seeing something clearly

instinct, shrewdness, acumen

inspire (v.)

to influence, motivate, or produce a feeling

inspirit, invigorate, stir

instill (v.)

to gradually and persistently introduce a principle to a person

engender, imbue, impart

intense (adj.)

forceful, to a high degree

acute, blistering, vivid

intimacy (n.)

closeness between people

affection, closeness, fondness

intrepid (adj.)

fearless and brave

bold, courageous, gallant

inviting (adj.)

alluring, making itself wanted or desired

tempting, welcoming, attractive


Positive Words That Start With I: More Than 8 Letters

Positive words also come in handy when it’s time to write a cover letter. To write a creative cover letter that stands out, focus your opening line and imbue it with your skills. From innovations to idealists, enjoy these imaginative longer words and their interesting definitions and synonyms.




illuminate (v.)

to light something up

brighten, emblaze, spotlight

illustrious (adj.)

well-known and respected

distinguished, eminent, transcendent

imaginative (adj.)

having or showing creativeness or resourcefulness

clever, fanciful, inventive

immaculate (adj.)

someone or something that is absolutely clean

flawless, perfect, pure

immediate (adj.)

instantaneous, something currently present and imminent

now, instant, without delay

impactful (adj.)

having a significant or powerful effect

impressive, poignant, stunning

impartial (adj.)

not favoring one side or opinion over another

candid, detached, unbiased

impassioned (adj.)

having or showing strong feeling

ardent, enthusiastic, zealous

impeccable (adj.)

someone or something that is flawless

exquisite, faultless, perfect

important (adj.)

having great significance or consequence

eminent, influential, outstanding

impressive (adj.)

something that leaves a feeling of awe or admiration

moving, inspiring, telling

inclusive (adj.)

all-encompassing; all-embracing; including all groups

capacious, comprehensive, universal

incomparable (adj.)

having no common basis for comparison

excellent, superior, unparalleled

incredible (adj.)

beyond belief

amazing, astounding, extraordinary

indefatigable (adj.)

a person or thing with tireless persistence

diligent, dogged, unrelenting

independent (adj.)

someone or something that is free from the control of another

autonomous, self-governing, unrestricted

industrious (adj.)


ambitious, assiduous, productive

ineffable (adj.)

too great for words

indescribable, inexpressible, transcendent

influential (adj.)

powerful, exerting significant influence over a group

dominant, effective, strong

ingenious (adj.)

clear and inventive

adroit, bright, clever

initiative (n.)

the act of taking the first step

action, stride, step

innovation (n.)

change; the act of creating something new

invention, novelty, vicissitude

integrity (n.)

the following of moral or ethical principles

candor, character, honor

intelligent (adj.)

the quality of being smart

apt, astute, bright

interesting (adj.)

appealing, eliciting or worthy of attention

captivating, compelling, stimulating

intoxicating (adj.)

causing great happiness

exhilarating, innerving, invigorating

intuitive (adj.)

instinctive, something easily understood through intuition

automatic, habitual, inherent

inventive (adj.)

coming up with new ideas

adept, clever, creative

invigorate (v.)

to stimulate, to give strength or energy

animate, energize, enliven

invincible (adj.)

indestructible, something invulnerable to damage

invulnerable, powerful, unconquerable

iridescent (adj.)

something that has rainbow-like colors

kaleidoscopic, lustrous, prismatic


10 Example Sentences With I-Words

Now that you've looked at a few different positive words starting with the letter I, check out how you can use them in a sentence.

  1. Remember Audrey Hepburn’s iconic tiara from Breakfast at Tiffany’s?
  2. The cozy fire adds to the idyllic setting.
  3. Tom Cruise’s illustrious personality is appealing on-set and off.
  4. She is going to immerse herself in Indian culture for one year.
  5. Those shoes are impeccable.
  6. I look forward to learning how to improve my Spanish.
  7. Look at the countless incredible stars in the night sky.
  8. The soldier was indefatigable, even in the face of defeat.
  9. She was so intuitive; she could practically read his mind.
  10. Her grandmother’s stained glass window looked iridescent in the evening light.

How about taking a gander at a list of adjectives that start with I? Some will be positive; some will not. See if you can spot the difference!


Intelligent Insights Abound

The more you read, the more your vocabulary grows. As you progress in this manner, the more you’ll develop intelligent insights into all manner of things. Why not continue to explore new words? Start back at the beginning of the series with these positive words that start with A. Or, stick with our current letter and check out this list of nouns that start with I. Then, review even more words that start with I. An invigorating vocabulary comes in quite handy whenever you’re sitting down to write your next short story or poem.