Sentence Examples

  • The ability to create personal avatars, to imbue them with the user's personality, is something that has become quite important to the serious chat-room participant.
  • Wrapping your filet mignon with bacon is an ideal way to imbue the meat with flavor while adding a little bit of fat to help prevent the steak from drying out.
  • These gripping monologues, combined with solid in-game voice acting, imbue Brothers in Arms with an emotional depth that makes the gameplay experience much richer, and therefore more rewarding.
  • Try your own songwriting creativity by taking a popular Christmas song and making it your own as you substitute words to imbue some humor into an otherwise classic tune.
  • Often times when a person chooses a name from a soap opera character for his or her baby, they are looking to imbue their child with some aspect of that character.