Sentence Examples

  • Along the axis of the disturbance, and the mission station of Wairoa (8 m.
  • Sydney was the centre of the disturbance, and the city was in a state of industrial siege, feeling running to dangerous extremes.
  • The disturbance of social, industrial and commercial affairs, during the first two or three years of the gold era, was very great.
  • The appearance of Charles himself, however, with an overwhelming force quelled the disturbance; the ringleaders were executed, and all the property and privileges of the city were confiscated.
  • The vascular supply of the leaf (leaf-trace) consists of a single strand only in the haplostelic and some of the more primitive siphonostelic forms. In the microphyllous groups Leaf.trace of Pteridophytes (Lycopodiales and Equisetales) in and Petlolar which the leaves are small relatively to the stem, the Strands, single bundle destined for each leaf is a small strand whose departure causes no disturbance in the cauline stele.

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