Positive Words That Start With T

Updated July 20, 2021
Positive T words examples
    Positive T words examples
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Imagine a tender and tranquil world where we focused on positivity and light. What we’d find is that the more we inject our lives with positivity, the more it’ll bolster our personal and professional interactions. As you scan our list of positive words that start with T, see how many you can incorporate into your everyday life.

Short Positive Words That Start With T

Whether you’ve got a talent for spotting positive words or they tend to give you a thrill, you’ll appreciate these short T-words that have positive meanings. Take a look at these words with fewer than seven letters, as well as their definitions and possible synonyms.




tact (n.)

the act of behaving in a gentle manner when dealing with controversial issues

perception, discrimination, judgment

talent (n.)

a natural skill or ability

aptitude, faculty, gift

tame (adj.)

gentle, not wild

docile, domesticated, calm

tasty (adj.)

something with good flavor

appetizing, delectable, delicious

tend (v.)

to care for

cultivate, minister, safeguard

thrift (n.)

careful management of money

saving, parsimony, frugality

thrill (v.)

to cause excitement

excite, animate, rouse

thrive (v.)

to grow strong and healthy

blossom, boom, burgeon

tidy (adj.)

able to keep things neat

clean, organized, fastidious

timely (adj.)

something done at the right time

auspicious, convenient, expedient

top (adj.)

being at the highest point

best, superior, unbeatable

treat (n.)

a pleasant or surprise reward

gift, privilege, present

truly (adv.)

faithfully, sincerely, or truthfully

absolutely, certainly, unequivocally

trust (n.)

confidence in the honesty or integrity of a person or thing

reliance, confidence, belief

truth (n.)

something that has been proved by facts or sincerity

accuracy, authenticity, sincerity

try (v.)

to attempt or test something

endeavor, undertake, strive


Longer T-Words for Positive Writing

There are many more take-charge words that start with T! From teammates to trailblazers, get acquainted with a teeming list of T-words, as well as their definitions and synonyms.




tactful (adj.)

someone who shows regard for other people’s feelings

careful, considerate, thoughtful

tactile (adj.)

sensed by physical touch

palpable, real, tangible

take-charge (adj.)

having good leadership qualities

takes initiative, responsible, assertive

tangible (adj.)

something touchable or real

actual, corporeal, material

tantalizing (adj.)

getting someone excited about something

tempting, enticing, attractive

tasteful (adj.)

conforming to expectations of what is appropriate or desirable

refined, aesthetic, stylish

teacher (n.)

someone who instructs and guides others

mentor, educator, tutor,

teammate (n.)

a fellow member on a team

ally, colleague, partner

teamwork (n.)

the efforts of a team that works together

collaboration, cooperation, partnership

teeming (adj.)

abundant; full

abounding, bursting, overflowing

temperate (adj.)

a demonstration of self-restraint

mild, restrained, moderate

tenacity (n.)

persistence; diligence

courage, determination, diligence

tender (adj.)

being delicate or soft in action

affectionate, kind-hearted, loving

tenderhearted (adj.)

easily feeling emotions for other people

compassionate, sensitive, kind

terrific (adj.)

fantastic, amazing, very good

exciting, fabulous, wonderful

thankful (adj.)

someone feeling or showing gratitude

appreciative, grateful, indebted

therapeutic (adj.)

having healing properties for an ailment

beneficial, good, remedial

thorough (adj.)

missing no details

accurate, complete, painstaking

thoughtful (adj.)

someone who shows sympathy for others

attentive, caring, kind

thrilled (adj.)

very excited

delighted, enthusiastic, fired up

timeless (adj.)

something that can’t be measured by time; something that doesn’t go out of style

ageless, ceaseless, perpetual

tirelessly (adv.)

without ceasing

incessantly, strenuously, energetically

togetherness (n.)

affectionate closeness

intimacy, fellowship, friendship

tolerant (adj.)

someone who is open-minded

compassionate, liberal, magnanimous

toothsome (adj.)

delicious or desirable

appetizing, tempting, luscious

top-notch (adj.)

the very best

excellent, first-rate, supreme

touching (adj.)

eliciting sympathy or tenderness

moving, poignant, tender

tradition (n.)

a custom or belief passed down through the generations

heritage, ritual, legacy

trailblazer (n.)

a pioneer in any field

innovator, groundbreaker, trendsetter

tranquil (adj.)

someone or something that is calm and peaceful

balmy, composed, easygoing

tranquility (n.)

a state of peace or calm

harmony, order, serenity

transcend (v.)

to go beyond, surpass

ascend, outshine, surmount

transcendent (adj.)

extraordinary or beyond human experience

preeminent, supreme, surpassing

transfix (v.)

to capture or hold the attention of completely

astonish, astound, captivate

transform (v.)

to change into something else

morph, transmute, modify

treasure (v.)

to hold dear

prize, value, cherish

tremendous (adj.)

something wonderful

extraordinary, fabulous, fantastic

triumph (n.)

a victory or success

achievement, celebration, conquest

tropical (adj.)

something that relates to warm, hot places typically near the equator

hot, steamy, sweltering

trustworthy (adj.)

someone who is honest and can be trusted with your secrets

aboveboard, loyal, reliable

truthful (adj.)

corresponding with fact or reality

accurate, candid, honest

tuneful (adj.)

someone or something musical, with melody or harmony

catchy, harmonious, melodious

twinkle (v.)

to shine with quick, intermittent flashes of light

blink, flicker, sparkle


Great Opportunities for Positive T-Words

Let’s end our series on positive words with a note on love. If you learn how to write a letter, it’ll help you draft a personal letter. Then, you can pair your findings there with this list of romantic words. Before you know it, your loved one will have a twinkle in their eye and, hopefully, a touching reply.

Of course, it’s not all flowers and romance. Positive words also have a place in our professional correspondence. Many of the above words would do well in your resume or cover letter, like calling yourself a “trailblazing entrepreneur” or “tactful case manager.” Indeed, a tasteful bout of T-words in your life will surely brighten things up.

Example Sentences With Positive T-Words

Trying to trace more T-words? Take a look at ten T-words hard at work in sentence form.

  1. Her tactful reply to the rude comment effectively eased tensions.
  2. The positive energy in the room was absolutely tangible.
  3. I could live in this temperate climate forever.
  4. That mother has a very tender way about her.
  5. I am thankful that I moved to this new state.
  6. This new teacher is very thoughtful when it comes to her students.
  7. She likes to thrift for her clothes and furniture.
  8. Their togetherness as a couple is inspiring for us all.
  9. Once she found God, she experienced tranquility she’d never known before.
  10. These white lights sure do twinkle and shine.

A Tremendous Triumph

Any day spent in the books is a tremendous triumph. It builds vocabulary, expands horizons and encourages us to explore new worlds. Even as you crack open new books, feel free to explore even more words for your writing. Be sure to include several nouns that start with T as well as a few adjectives that start with T. For an extensive list that you can easily customize, explore Words That Start With T on WordFinder by YourDictionary.