Sentence Examples

  • The last entry in the journal is on the 27th of April: "Knocked up quite, and remain - recover - sent to buy milch goats.
  • In 1910 there were 495,000 neat cattle (285,000 milch cows), 94,000 horses (average value, $106), 229,000 sheep and 95,000 swine.
  • The relation between ants and aphids has often been compared to that between men and milch cattle.
  • In 1900 there were 868,832 and in 1910 947, 000 milch cows in the state.
  • Although used in the early days to a limited extent as a food for milch cows and other stock, and to a larger extent as a manure, no systematic efforts were made anywhere in the South to manufacture the seed until the later 'fifties, when the first cotton seed mills were established.