Sentence Examples

  • The last entry in the journal is on the 27th of April: "Knocked up quite, and remain - recover - sent to buy milch goats.
  • The value of live stock on farms and ranges on the 1st of January 1910 was as follows: horses, $36,288,000; mules, $35,670,000; milch cows, $8,828,000; other cattle, $7,797,000; swine, $8,216,000.
  • In 1910, out of a total of 2,587,000 neat cattle, there were 1,506,000 milch cows.
  • % 3H `?.'titat Navajo Indian Reservation .1((?/f((!'!/1(C:??L'(4 A B Longitude c Vest of Greenwich D Ltd., valued at $8,976,00o, of which 88,000 were milch cows valued at $2,992,000.
  • The number and value of each of the various classes of live stock in the state on the 1st of January 1908 were as follows: horses, 102,000 ($11,526,000); mules, 5000 ($675,000); milch cows, 190,000 ($8,170,000); other neat cattle, 82,000 ($1,722,000); sheep, 44,000 ($220,000); swine, 155,000 ($1,555,000).

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