Positive Words That Start With B

Updated July 20, 2021
Positive B words examples
    Positive B words examples
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People and situations are often viewed as positive or negative, but words can have the same effect. Words can either empower people or tear them down. Whenever possible, choose the light! Stroll down a lane filled with positive words and encouraging meanings to work into your writing and conversations. When you choose positivity, the burdens of life can untangle a little. Start today with a boisterous list of positive words that start with B.

Bite-Sized Positive Words That Start With B

Looking for an itty bitty positive word that starts with B? The words in the table below each have fewer than seven letters. So, when you're hoping to find a baby-sized word that begins with B, you might find the perfect term in this bunch.




backer (n.)

a supporter, often in a financial sense

advocate, ally, cohort

balm (n.)

a soothing, oily substance

salve, ointment, lotion

balmy (adj.)

something that is moderate and pleasant

soothing, gentle, mild

bask (n.)

to enjoy a happy or comfortable situation

luxuriate, revel, relish

beam (n.)

a column of light

ray, shaft, light

beau (n.)

a boyfriend

honey, lover, sweetheart

bedeck (v.)

to cover with decorations

adorn, embellish, trim

begin (v.)

come into being; become functional

start, cause, initiate

belong (v.)

to be a part of

exist, fit, reside

benign (adj.)

something not dangerous

innocuous, harmless, mild

best (adj.)

better than all the others

finest, highest, supreme

bestow (v.)

to give as a gift

bequeath, confer, present

better (adj.)

superior; of high quality

greater, preferred, improved

big (adj.)

something large or grand in size

huge, immense, enormous

bloom (n.)

the flower of a plant

blossom, bud, sprout

bold (adj.)

free in behavior, prepared to take risks

adventurous, bodacious, strong

bonus (n.)

anything given beyond the required amount

award, boon, prize

boost (v.)

to raise, push higher, increase, or promote

amplify, elevate, promote

bouncy (adj.)

lively or energetic

animated, chipper, spirited

bounty (n.)

a monetary reward given by the government

beneficence, grant, subsidy

brave (adj.)

having courage in potentially fearful situations

bold, daring, valiant

breezy (adj.)

easygoing; light-hearted

airy, debonair, fresh

bright (adj.)

shining and full of light

aglow, beaming, radiant

bubbly (adj.)

someone with a lively personality

vivacious, effervescent, perky

Bigger Positive Words That Start With B

Of course, not all words that begin with B are short. From backbones to bohemians, enjoy this bastion of positivity featuring words with seven or more letters. Enjoy this big list of options, which includes a bonanza of definitions and synonyms.


backbone (n.)

strength of character

firmness, fortitude, resolution

balance (n.)

a state of emotional and mental stability

perspective, discretion, steadiness

bargain (n.)

something bought at a cheap price

discount, reduction, markdown

bastion (n.)

a fortified place

citadel, fort, stronghold

beatific (adj.)

anything that displays absolute happiness

blissful, joyful, heavenly

beautiful (adj.)

physically attractive

attractive, charming, stunning

becoming (adj.)


befitting, comely, lovely

bedazzle (v.)

to thoroughly enchant

astound, awe, captivate

befriend (v.)

to make a social acquaintance

socialize with, associate with, get along with

beguiling (adj.)

someone or something that is captivating

charming, seductive, alluring

beloved (adj.)

someone or something that is dearly loved

adored, cherished, favored

benefit (n.)

something that provides an advantage

gain, profit, interest

believable (adj.)

capable of eliciting belief or trust

authentic, credible, trustworthy

benevolent (adj.)

charitable; kind

altruistic, caring, generous

blessed (adj.)

having had good wishes

consecrated, endowed, exalted

blissful (adj.)

being happy or content

joyful, ecstatic, delightful

blossoming (v.)

growing or developing

blooming, budding, flourishing

bohemian (n.)

an artistic or literary person who lives in an unconventional way

nonconformist, hippie, beatnik

bolster (v.)

to support or strengthen something

aid, boost, support

bonanza (n.)

an abundance of something

bounty, jackpot, windfall

boundless (adj.)

endless; without limit

immeasurable, infinite, vast

bountiful (adj.)

plentiful, abundant, or in large quantities

ample, copious, munificent

bracing (adj.)

brisk; exhilarating

crisp, invigorating, zestful

breathtaking (adj.)

something beautiful or astonishing

awesome, impressive, stunning

brilliant (adj.)

someone or something that is very bright, literally or figuratively

dazzling, gleaming, radiant

brimming (v.)

overflowing with a copious amount of something

flooded, jammed, swelling


Great Opportunities for Positive B-Words

Positivity can seep into professional and casual communications, so the above B-words can often fit right in.

  • In business or academic writing, you might find yourself drafting emails, memos and executive summaries. As you write in these capacities, strong verbs, colorful adjectives and clarity are all requirements. Each of these can be incorporated with positivity.
  • One of the best ways to write with clarity is to avoid negatives. Instead of saying it “wasn’t raining,” say it “was sunny.” Instead of saying he “didn’t walk,” say he “rode his bike.”

10 Example Sentences Featuring B-Words

In the bountiful balance of life, remember that how you use language can help you walk on the bright side. Review a few example sentences featuring 10 of the above positive words that begin with B.

  1. She finally found balance in her work and home life.
  2. The kind stranger applied balm to her gaping wound.
  3. My favorite professor was a bastion of hope amidst the chaos of college life.
  4. His smile could bedazzle even the hardest of hearts.
  5. Her heart will always belong to him.
  6. He’s the most benevolent man she’s ever known.
  7. This year’s crop produced a bonanza of red bell peppers!
  8. This cup of tea should boost your spirits.
  9. There are boundless opportunities to learn in college.
  10. You will find a bountiful selection of books in the library.

Wasn't it nice to see all that positivity bounce across the page? Continue the B-word fun with this list of 50 adjectives that start with B! Go beyond descriptive terms to explore a complete collection of words that start with B on WordFinder by YourDictionary.


A Brilliant, Boundless Bonanza

Both life and writing can be a brilliant bonanza that knows no end if you remain positive. Doing so in your work, writing, academics, and relationships can really turn the tide for the better. Care to explore a multitude of even more positive words? Start back at the beginning with positive words that start with A. Then, wait and see life start to shift into the brightness you create.