Bargain Definition

bargained, bargaining, bargains
An agreement between parties fixing obligations that each promises to carry out.
American Heritage
A mutual agreement or contract in which the parties settle on what should be given or done by each.
Webster's New World
An agreement establishing the terms of a sale or exchange of goods or services.
Reached a bargain with the antique dealer over the lamp.
American Heritage
The terms of such an agreement.
Webster's New World
Property acquired or services rendered as a result of such an agreement.
American Heritage
bargained, bargaining
To negotiate the terms of an agreement, as to sell or exchange.
American Heritage
To discuss the details of a transaction, contract, treaty, etc., trying to get the best possible terms.
Webster's New World
To sell or trade to another by bargaining; barter.
Webster's New World
To engage in collective bargaining.
American Heritage
To make a bargain or agreement.
Webster's New World
  • Over and above what is expected; in addition.
American Heritage
bargain for
  • to try to get cheaply
  • to expect; anticipate; count on
Webster's New World
into the bargain
  • beyond what has been agreed on; in addition
Webster's New World

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Origin of Bargain

  • Middle English bargaynen (“to bargain, make a pledge for sale”), from Anglo-Norman bargai(g)ner (“to bargain”), from Old French bargai(g)ner (“to bargain, haggle”), from Frankish *borganjan (“to borrow, lend”), from Proto-Germanic *burganą (“to borrow, lend”), from Proto-Indo-European *bhergh- (“to protect, secure”). Akin to Old High German bor(a)gēn (“to look after, care for”) (German borgen), Old English borgian (“to borrow, lend, pledge”). More at borrow.

    From Wiktionary

  • Middle English from Old French bargaigne haggling from bargaignier to haggle of Germanic origin bhergh-1 in Indo-European roots

    From American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language, 5th Edition

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