86 Adjectives That Start With “B”

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Updated August 4, 2022
List of four adjectives that start with "B"
    Adjectives That Start with B
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It’s the second letter in the alphabet, but “B” is as good as gold when it comes to all the bold, beautiful words it can offer you. Adjectives are words that describe people, places, and things, and boy, the letter “B” is brimming with adjectives to describe everything from barren wastelands to bountiful forests. If you’re baffled about finding the right “B” adjectives, buddy, you’ve come to the right place.

Positive Adjectives That Start With “B”

Positivity isn’t always easy to manage, but building up your vocabulary with positive adjectives that start with “B” can help to boost your mood. Positive “B” adjectives can help you describe your blissful days, brave friends, and brilliant mind.

Adjective Definition Synonyms
balanced possessing good proportions; fairly judged harmonious, fair, impartial
beaming shining brightly radiant, beautiful, incandescent
beatific blissful; bestowing bliss or happiness to others delightful, elated, joyful
beautiful having qualities that are pleasing to the senses or mind; physically attractive wonderful, gorgeous, good-looking
beguiling having the ability to charm or enchant; intriguing captivating, alluring, enticing
believable plausible credible, authentic, reasonable
beloved dear to the heart; greatly loved admired, adored, cherished
benefic promoting good altruistic, charitable, generous
benevolent characterized by goodwill; having the desire to help others philanthropic, compassionate, generous
benign kindly and gentle; harmless benevolent, good-hearted, amiable
best of the highest quality; most suitable superior, first-rate, leading
better superior quality; morally superior superior, exceptional, preferred
big-hearted kind, generous compassionate, gracious, altruistic
blessed divinely favored; sacred; worthy of adoration divine, exalted, beatified
blissful full of happiness and joy euphoric, ecstatic, delighted
blithe joyous, happy; without thought carefree, lighthearted, jovial
bodacious bold; someone simultaneously audacious and admirable confident, gutsy, intrepid
bold not hesitating in the face of danger courageous, brave, adventurous
boundless unlimited, infinite vast, immeasurable, endless
breezy windy; fresh or sprightly lighthearted, easy, buoyant
bracing invigorating, strengthening refreshing, brisk, exhilarating
brave having or exhibiting the ability to endure danger or pain courageous, fearless, valorous
brilliant very smart or very bright astute, distinguished, magnificent
brisk cold, but fresh and invigorating energetic, lively, refreshing
brotherly affectionate and loyal, like a brother fraternal, friendly, affectionate
bustling active; full of activity; crowded lively, energetic, dynamic
buoyant floating; not easily depressed; cheerful invigorating, joyful, peppy

Negative Adjectives That Start With “B”

Sometimes, there’s just no helping it: You need to be negative. When things are just bad, boring, or baneful, “B” adjectives are there to give you the words to describe just how belittling it can all be.

Adjective Definition Synonyms
backhanded ambiguous in meaning; indirect or insincere oblique, double-edged, sardonic
bad unfavorable or spoiled awful, crummy, unacceptable
baffling impossible to understand confusing, bewildering, perplexing
baleful full of menacing influences pernicious, menacing, foreboding
balky stubborn, obstinate unruly, uncooperative, inflexible
banal without originality; hackneyed trite, bland, mundane
baneful pernicious, destructive ruinous, deadly, harmful
baseless without grounds or foundation unfounded, unjustifiable, unwarranted
bedridden confined to bed due to illness or injury ill, infirm, ailing
bellicose aggressively hostile; inclined to fight combative, antagonistic, threatening
belligerent highly argumentative; exhibiting hostility combative, antagonistic, ornery
bereaved deeply saddened by the loss of a loved one destitute, mournful, grief-stricken
bewildered confused astonished, befuddled, shocked
bitter distasteful, acrid taste; resentful; hard to bear harsh, hostile, painful
blasé indifferent or unimpressed; bored with life apathetic, nonchalant, disenchanted
bleak barren; without hope depressing, desolate, dreary
blurry unfocused or indistinct cloudy, hazy, foggy
boring dull and uninteresting humdrum, monotonous, mundane
boastful having excessive pride or self-satisfaction cocky, arrogant, pompous
bogus not genuine fraudulent, counterfeit, phony
bossy ordering people around; overly authoritative domineering, overbearing, dictatorial
brackish unpleasant or distasteful; salty or briny repulsive, tasteless, unpalatable
brash reckless; lacking tact irreverent, brazen, cocky
brazen shameless; made of brass unashamed, impudent, unabashed
bumbling frequently making blunders; clumsy inept, bungling, awkward

Neutral Adjectives That Start With “B”

You take the good, you take the bad, and there you have a bunch of leftover neutral adjectives that start with “B.” As it turns out, most things aren’t positive or negative, but you still need words to describe babbling brooks, balmy summer days, and blaring music.

Adjective Definition Synonyms
babbling chattering endlessly; making a murmuring sound prattling, gibbering, burbling
bacterial relating to or caused by bacteria viral, pathogenic
bald having little to no hair on the head; lacking details hairless, bare, unadorned
balmy pleasantly warm or comfortable (regarding the weather) mild, temperate, moderate
bashful easily embarrassed; shy timid, sheepish, self-conscious
beefy large or thick; muscular brawny, robust, burly
befitting suitable or proper appropriate, correct, conforming
bibulous fond of drinking alcohol boozy, alcoholic, sottish
bicameral (referring to a government body) having two chambers, branches, or houses bipartisan, two-chambered
blaring loud earsplitting, deafening, booming
blonde having fair hair towheaded, flaxen, auricomous
blue of a color between green and violet; sad or depressed azure, cerulean, navy
blushing characterized by turning red flushed, embarrassed, bashful
boisterous rough, noisy, and mischievous clamorous, rambunctious, raucous
bookish devoted to reading scholarly, studious, brainy
bovine like a cow; dull, stolid cowlike, taurine, slow
boyish engagingly innocent and youthful childish, immature, puerile
brief lasting a short time; using few words abrupt, compressed, concise
brittle hard and rigid but lacking in strength; easily damaged fragile, delicate, crumbly
bulky of a large and cumbersome size huge, hulking, unwieldy
bumpy of uneven surface rough, rutted, knobby
bushy thick and shaggy; appearing like a bush unkempt, fuzzy, unruly
buxom full-figured, cheerful, and lively voluptuous, curvaceous, zaftig
buzzing making a low hum or murmuring sound; full of excitement humming, droning, animated

Adjectives That Start With “B” To Describe a Person

“B” adjectives offer a bountiful array of words to specifically describe people. From your bubbly friends to your befuddled brother, you’ll find plenty of “B” adjectives for everyone around you.

Adjective Definition Synonyms
befuddled confused baffled, bewildered, stumped
bewitching charming, fascinating enchanting, attractive, captivating
bleary-eyed dull of perception; shortsighted myopic, ill-considered, impractical
blunt plain and direct in address or manner straightforward, brusque, forthright
bohemian socially unconventional in an artistic way nonconformist, unorthodox, avant-garde
broadminded free of bigotry or prejudice; unbiased liberal, open-minded, free-thinking
brokenhearted burdened with sadness, disappointment, or grief devastated, grief-stricken, sorrowful
bubbly lively and enthusiastic vivacious, effervescent, peppy
budding showing signs of promise or potential in a field developing, nascent, growing
buff being in good physical shape, physically attractive muscular, brawny

Example Sentences for Adjectives That Start With “B”

With your brain buzzing and burdened with all these “B” adjectives, you might find it beneficial to see some sentence examples to get a better understanding of how to use them.

  1. Despite being mostly chocolate flavored, the cereal was surprisingly balanced when I added milk and a little peanut butter.
  2. Her big-hearted friend was always ready to offer a ride, pay for meals, and help anyone however they could.
  3. Even though he was seasick during the whole trip, he still had a quiet respect for the boundless expanse of sea.
  4. When I asked her if my cowboy hat and parachute pants looked good, she gave a blunt “no.”
  5. We were all bewildered by the stage magician’s performance at the party because no one had invited him in the first place.
  6. He wished he’d worn a light, breezy shirt because the heavy wool sweater was too uncomfortable at the beach.
  7. We love our bumbling friend, but we aren’t sure how he sat on a pie and ate half of a wax apple at the same time.
  8. After hours in the car, she enjoyed a dip in the brisk river.
  9. To help our brokenhearted friend, we bought him a box of donuts and a pile of his favorite movies on DVD.
  10. The promise of the pizza place seemed a little bleak when the cashier told us that they were out of dough and sauce.
  11. We were all surprised that the bagels were so brackish, not even cream cheese could make them edible.
  12. Our brilliant friend was somehow able to build a working camera using just cardboard and tape.
  13. He was glad for the invention of hats because his new boyish haircut made him look more like a middle-schooler than a full-grown man.
  14. Her bold attitude is part of what helped her scale the sheer mountainside.
  15. The cold had left her bedridden and unable to eat anything other than chicken noodle soup and ice cream bars.
  16. Even though she was normally bashful, she looked so comfortable on stage at the talent show.
  17. After a whole day of babysitting some boisterous kids, she was ready to lay in bed and binge a show for hours.
  18. The student’s bogus reason for being late included saving a bunch of kids from a burning building, helping his grandmother move, and pushing his car up a hill.
  19. She wasn’t a fan of the brittle cookies that left crumbs all over her clothes.
  20. He prided himself on his big, bushy beard, but it was often full of crumbs.

A Bounty of “B” Words

Now that you have a bustling array of “B” adjectives under your belt, you can expand your vocabulary with other “B”-based parts of speech. Building your “B” nouns and verbs will help you perfect your writing, conversations, and descriptive abilities, and you can become the best wordsmith in all of your word games.